Funding Support

Even the best plans can go wrong but rather than punish clients who default by repossessing their property and calling on personal guarantees we take a very different view. We see default as an opportunity to work even closer with our clients. Through our safety net system, we can provide the resources a client needs to recover their situation and on to a profitable outcome.


Through our smart phone App our clients have their account with us at their fingertips. Elyapp includes comprehensive financials and the ability to request drawdowns and term extensions. Our mission is to ensure that clients can review their financial status 24/7, all at the touch of a button.

A.I Power

Our clients can access our A.I supported research services for free. We are connected to what many experts describe as the world’s leading deep learning system. Want to know what interest rates might do next year – just ask. Want to know if building a hotel in a particular city is a good investment – just ask. Our A.I connectivity and research can provide our clients with a serious competitive advantage.

what we do

Premium funding

Our funding is competitive, but we never make offers that we have no intention of honoring. Some lenders advertise attention grabbing super low interest rates and very high LTVs. Some even claim to cut out valuations and due diligence. In stark contrast our offers are clear and dependable, we work with our clients to develop viable projects that maximize quality and profitability. We process applications quickly, and we never make false promises. Our clients expect the highest professional standards.

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If you are a broker, property developer or trader and would like to talk to a reliable funding partner contact us today. We look forward to discussing your next project.